Brain Magazine closes its site to launch a paid newsletter

The site will close on December 1. The new project, dubbed “brain morning“, will be sent by email to subscribers at 11 am.

“Brain is dead, long live Brain Matin”, can we read on the site of Brain magazine this Tuesday.

Brain magazine, quirky media and follower of “LOL” specializing in cultural and societal information, will close its free website on December 1 to be reborn as a paid newsletter. The new project, dubbed “brain morning“, will be sent by email to subscribers at 11 am.

Known for the schoolboy humor of his “whore page“(adapted in a TV chronicle on Canal+) and “page president», Brain Magazine was created in 2007 and presents itself as a «pure internet product», «queer and joyful, who still has so much fun inventing impertinent, funny and bizarre content“but who is”today tired of the ecosystem in which it is required to evolve“.

Weakened by the health crisis, the team was reduced to four people and could no longer get by without the help of its readers. “Tired of algorithm changes every 3 weeks. Tired of the Nazi trolls who invade our networks as soon as we talk about women or LGBT+, i.e. one in three articles (…) Tired of the growing tyranny of the GAFA on the media, whose power grows as the press sinks always a little more in crisis“, enumerates the team in a post published Tuesday.

The new project, offered at 4 euros per month, will be based on a dozen journalists and will be modeled by a duo of graphic designers. It will provide information. “Political journalists, disappointed with traditional media, have joined our editorial staff to analyze and investigate French politics. With a double desire: to be both editorially independent and to have a vision that deviates as much as possible from the classic construction of political information“Promises Brain. But also long formats on pop culture, cinema and music as well as “the institution Page Whore» and will offer its subscribers access to events and conferences.

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