Coal demand, driven by Asia, remains strong

China, which uses this highly polluting energy a lot, also uses it to fuel growing tensions with Australia.

In November, 66 ships loaded with Australian coal, and more than a thousand sailors, remained for a long time blocked in front of Chinese ports, prevented from docking and delivering their goods. A way for Beijing to put pressure on Australia and maintain what now looks like a real trade and diplomatic war.

Last weekend, the boycott of Australian coal, accused of being of poor quality and not meeting environmental criteria, became official, report Chinese media. The authorities have given their agreement to the import of coal from several countries including Mongolia, Indonesia and Russia, specifically excluding Australia. A blow for Canberra. The resources of Australia, one of the few countries with a trade surplus with China, are heavily dependent on coal.

Several foodstuffs or raw materials, heavily taxed, have for several months been in the crosshairs of Beijing, which blames Australia…

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