Brexit: “there are still negotiations”, underlines Clément Beaune

The Secretary of State is not afraid of a “chaoson January 1, but he advised businesses to continue their preparations for Brexit.

Clément Beaune and Olivier Dussopt, early December, Gare du Nord, Paris.

As the Brexit deadline approaches, the French government is continuing its efforts to reach an agreement, Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune told France Inter this morning. “There are still negotiations, discussions“, he said, explaining that we will know in the next few hours if a prospect of no deal is confirmed.

It is necessary to take this time“, Estimated the representative, before adding that there was”more negotiations, discussionswith British representatives, particularly on the subject of fishing. “I prefer not to delude myself too much“, he tempered, stressing that the Union did not want an agreement at all costs.

Companies must continue their preparations in order to be ready for the changes that will take place on January 1, whether an agreement is reached or not, he warned, citing the example of customs, sanitary and phytosanitary checks at borders. . However, the Secretary of State does not fear a “chaos” January 1st : “concrete things are ready“, 700 customs officers have been recruited and 300 veterinarians will take care of the controls, he specified. At the beginning of January, therewill have adjustments“depending on the situation that the executive will monitor”like milk on fire“. The French concern comes rather from the lack of preparation, across the Channel, for the consequences of Brexit.

The British “owe us money“, also noted Clément Beaune, recalling that this sum had been estimated at”around forty billion euros“. This money was provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement and will be “paid on time“. “There’s no gift, it’s a bill they’ll payfor past investments, in particular. And, if they wish to participate again in European programs, such as Erasmus, they will be able to do so, subject to payment. A “principlewas asked: “the British will not be able to have a better budgetary situation after than before, if they want to participate in European programs“said Clément Beaune.

Laboratories “are responsible» for vaccines

Returning to the question of vaccines against Covid-19, the Secretary of State recalled that the doses would be spread out until the “late spring“. A “rise in power» A gradual process will take place as production ramps up and more vaccines are licensed. European parliamentarians will be able to have access to contracts with laboratories, and there is “no derogation» as to the responsibility of the laboratories in these documents, in the event of serious side effects.

At the same time, if elementsthat we did not know at the time the vaccine was developed“emerge, he”there may be public liabilityso that a patient is taken care of and compensated in the event of a problem, he added. A procedure which aims to allow thateveryone is protected in case of difficulty“. “Everyone will be able to verify through their parliamentarians, through independent assessments, that we have done things right“, concluded the member of the government.

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