20 years of Mango’s ‘ecommerce’: this is how they got ahead of the Inditex empire

The company now aims to reach 1 billion euros in 2021.

A Mango store.

Mango started in 2000 with a basic assortment and without selling shoes. Who was going to buy them in those days when very few had the Internet? That is what Elena Carasso, director of Mango Online, wondered, who acknowledges in an interview in Invertia that “by starting so early we have allowed ourselves the luxury of making mistakes.” And to try, err and hit they have achieved to be 20 years later on the podium of the ecommerce fashionable in Spain.

Just look at their numbers and future plans. At the end of 2019, your billing online grew by 26.7%, reaching the figure of 564 million euros, which represents an increase of 119 million, a figure higher than the target set for the year. In relative terms, the sale online represents 23.7% of total billing of the company.



From the beginning of the year to October of this year, the turnover online has already exceeded by more than 5% the 564 million euros achieved throughout the year 2019, so that the firm hopes to finish this year with a turnover of 800 million euros, which would represent an increase of more than 40% compared to 2019. The company now has a goal of reaching 1 billion in 2021.

The first in the sector

Some objectives that are far above competitors like Inditex. The owner of Zara launched a plan with an investment of 2,700 million to reinforce the commitment to omnichannel. With this, it is expected that sales by Internet reach more than 25% of the total in 2022. They currently represent 14% (3,900 million euros in 2019).

And Tendam, for his part, expects to triple and reach 30% of the total of sales in the next three years. While it is true, the billing levels are higher in the case of its competitors; but in terms of percentage of total sales, Mango is ahead of them. That is to say, of the total of its sales, a quarter are digital; at Inditex and Tendam they do not reach those figures.

Where is the key? “Once you lean towards this channel it gives you a competitive advantage having been around for so many years and also betting heavily. Our bet started very timidly; but from 2009, we put all the meat on the grill because we saw that it was the future “, says the directive.

Elena Carasso, Director of Online and Client of Mango.

Elena Carasso, Director of Online and Client of Mango.

A bet that with Covid “has exploded and exceeded expectations”, recognized from Mango. The visionary strategy that the company had more than two decades ago is what has placed it in that place.

20 years ago

Gone are its beginnings. The project started in 1995 and in 1996 they launched the web. “We saw that we could reach all parts of the world, but we didn’t really know what it was for. So we opened the web to show the brand ”, he explains.

In 2000 they launched their ecommerce and they opened in the Europe of 15 because “the penetration of the internet in Spain was ridiculous. Until 2003 we did not exceed our first million euros, ”recalls Carasso, who has been with the company for 30 years.

So 20 years later Mango is present in 110 countries, of which in 80 it sells through its website. The objective, as it could not be less, is to be able to sell on both channels in all these territories and continue to lead electronic commerce.