62% of non-professional caregivers admit that the pandemic has worsened their economic situation

This is revealed by a report promoted by the company Merck.

A caregiver (EP).

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing a great impact on Spanish caregivers, from an emotional, physical and economic point of view. This is revealed by a survey promoted by Merck, which highlights that six out of ten have seen their economic situation worsen.

The ‘Caregivers Wellbeing Report 2020: Who cares for those who care? This is how Covid-19 affects and the lack of support for non-professional caregivers’ also shows that the majority of caregivers (82%) suffer unprecedented levels of wear. Seven out of ten say that their mental health has deteriorated during the health crisis.

Regarding economic well-being, the survey reveals that 62% of this group admits that the pandemic has worsened their economic situation. In fact, 28% indicate that economic support offered by the government/social service/insurance is not sufficient to cover care expenses. 21% have also had to reduce their work, which entails a reduction in salary.

In Spain, female caregivers have fewer economic resources and, at the same time, more responsibilities than male caregivers. Specifically, 65% of those surveyed in our country are female caregivers.

In addition, female caregivers report higher rates of anxiety and emotional and mental health problems caused by the pandemic. In fact, 54% suffer from anxiety due to the fear of catching Covid-19 and not having anyone to care for them to the people they themselves tend to care for.