62% of Spaniards are in favor of donating surplus Covid vaccines

According to an Ipsos survey, Spain is the second most supportive country in the world in this regard, behind the United Kingdom.

Some Murcian toilets showing several doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Spain It is the second country in the world that is more in favor of transferring leftover doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to other countries. According to a new Ipsos study, the United Kingdom is the most supportive country, with 69% of the population in favor of donating that possible surplus.

For their part, 62% of Spanish citizens also believe that these extra doses of the vaccine should be transferred to countries that need it, compared to 22% who would prefer that they stay in the country. Third place goes to Germany, where 61 percent are in favor of the transfer of surplus vaccines.

With these results, it could be concluded that Europe is the most supportive area in this sense, since all the countries analyzed in this region are located in the first half of the table.

In the last positions are Latin American countries, such as Colombia and Mexico that have a larger population in favor of saving all the doses for their country in case they need them in the future.

Also other Eastern countries such as Taiwan, with more than half of the population in favor of saving all their doses (51%), or Japan where only 36 percent would agree with giving other countries the vaccines they do not need, is at the bottom of this list.