63% of hospitals in the Canary Islands are privately owned, according to IDIS

The sector performs 50.9% of surgical acts and accounts for 30.7% of total healthcare spending in this autonomous community

Juan Abarca, president of the IDIS Foundation.

In the Canary Islands, more than 417,000 people have private health insurance. In addition, the private sector has 24 hospitals, which represents 63% of all community centers, and 2,587 beds (34% of the total).

This was revealed during a meeting organized by the IDIS Foundation in which the data from the report “Private Health, Contributing Value. Analysis of the 2020 situation ”carried out by the entity.

Juan José Hernández, CEO of Hospiten, highlighted that “in this autonomous community the private health sector performs 50.9% of surgical acts and 41.5% of discharges and he attends 45.3% of the emergencies, which shows his undoubted contribution. ”.

Private healthcare in the Canary Islands represents 30.7% of total healthcare spending (including concerts). The report data also show that this autonomous community has registered an annual increase of 7.3% in the number of insured and 8.4% in the volume of premiums in the period 2015-2019, representing 3.9% of the national market in volume of premiums.

During the meeting, it was also indicated that the total estimated per capita health expenditure in 2019 in the Canary Islands was 1,905 euros (sum of private spending, 454 euros, and the public, 1,451 euros).

“The private health sector is an essential ally in order to give society the best possible healthcare system. Without a doubt, private healthcare makes an indisputable contribution to the National Health System (SNS), since it favors the sustainability of the system and the achievement of the fundamental objectives for healthcare ”, said Juan Abarca, president of IDIS.