ETX launches the first audio news platform

Designed with AFP and Microsoft, it is aimed at agencies, media and brands.

The boom in podcast consumption provides opportunities for all genres of online audio production. Launched at the beginning of the year and wanting to be faithful to its promise of “transforming the editorial experience” Internet users, joins forces with AFP and Microsoft to market the “first 100% audio editorial content platform”.

ETX Studio had worked on the project – since abandoned – of Renault and the magazine Challenges create a tool to transcribe press articles into audio and make them available to passengers in Renault vehicles. Thanks to technological advances in transcription, the idea has resurfaced and ETX now believes that the market is ready to adopt its solution called ETX Daily Up.

“The change in lifestyles, accelerated by the health crisis, gives prospects of significant opportunities for our platform, says Jérôme Doncieux, founder and president of ETX Studio. It allows a real personalization of…

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