Radio France appoints Vincent Giret news director without merging its newsrooms

The current director of France Info will oversee the four editorial staff of the public group.

Vincent Giret new director of information and sport at Radio France

The Radio France group announces the creation of a new strategic position, that of Director of Information and Sports, within the Executive Committee. It is entrusted to Vincent Giret, until now director of the France Info station. The latter will coordinate the group’s four editorial offices, that of France Inter, France Info, France Bleu and France Culture, but his mandate is not to merge all these structures. In his post, Vincent Giret will also have to increase cooperation with his counterpart at France Télévisions, Laurent Guimier.

LE FIGARO.- Why did Radio France create the position of group news director?
Vincent Giret – Sibyle Veil, President of Radio France, wanted to create this position within the Executive Committee, because today there is a democratic urgency to defend information. The French are the most distrustful in Europe with regard to information and whole sections of French society, and in particular the younger generations, are not informed…

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