Radio audiences: France Inter at its highest

France Inter, France Info and France Bleu achieved the best audience growth of the start of the school year.

Nicolas Demorand at the microphone of the morning of France Inter

Radio France places three of its stations in the forefront of audience growth. “Every day 15.4 million listeners, ie 4 listeners out of ten, listen to one or other of the Radio France stations. France Inter, France Info and France Bleu have won a million listeners between them in one year,” rejoices Sibyle Veil, president of Radio France.

The audience measurement carried out by Médiamétrie for the months of September and October 2020 crowns both cumulative audience with 12.5% ​​and audience share, with 13.3%. The station gains nearly 440,000 listeners in one year. “I am very happy with this success which gives us a great responsibility. It is the result of a construction brick by brick for 6 years. Listeners need reliable and pluralistic information, culture, science and discovery,” explains Laurence Bloch, station manager.

France Info also jumped to 8.8% of cumulative audience, again 554,000 new listeners listen to the news station continuously. “This is the best comeback for 13 years. When there is a lot of news with the Covid and the American elections, you have to be good on the wave ”underlines Vincent Giret, director of France Info. France Culture, with 3% of cumulative audience is at its highest with a gain of 0.1 point. Finally, after several years of scarcity, France Bleu raises its head and gains 0.3% of cumulative audience to 6.3%. “We are gaining 130,000 listeners by progressing to a more popular and younger target. France Bleu benefits from the success of its website, joint filmed morning shows with France 3 and finally from being present in the Radio France app” explains Jean-Emmanuel Casalta, director of the station.

France Bleu is back ahead of RMC, which is falling sharply from 6.8% last year to 6.1% this season. The departure of Jean-Jacques Bourdin from the morning show (he keeps the political interview at 8:30 a.m.) clearly weighed on the results.

For its part, saw its cumulative audience drop another 0.3 point to 4.9%. But the station is reassured by noting that its audience share remains stable at 4.1%. This means that the station belonging to the Lagardère group is still losing listeners, but those who remain listen to it longer. “The repositioning on our core target, the CSP+ works. The audience share increased by 20% for this target,” explains Constance Benqué, President of Lagardère’s News division. The arrival of Patrick Cohen on the midday information section brought some improvement, but the morning is still fishing. “We are going to re-muscle our morning” loose Constance Benqué.

RTL, for its part, fell in cumulative audience (-0.3 point to 11.1%) but progressed in audience share (+0.1 point) to 12.7%. “This is RTL’s second best comeback in terms of audience share,” underlines Régis Ravanas, managing director of audio activities for the M6 ​​group. Yves Calvi’s morning show, Julien Courbet’s and Pascale Praud’s programs are doing well, but there is a weakness in Thomas Sotto’s 6:00-8:00 p.m.

The musicals in trouble

Music stations are suffering from the pandemic. They lose 650,000 listeners in one year. Youth radio stations are penalized by the massive use of audio streaming subscriptions. NRJ, Virgin and Fun are thus in sharp decline. The only exception is Skyrock, which did well and gained almost 190,000 listeners. On the other hand, radio stations switching from pop rock to an older audience such as RTL 2 and RFM are gaining listeners.

In the wake of other Radio France stations, progressing strongly. It wins 190,000 listeners and returns to Radio Classique.

Fall of radio media

Beyond individual performances, the most worrying thing is the decline of the radio medium in general. This medium has lost more than 620,000 listeners in one year. The first confinement (from March to May) and the curfew (in October) changed the consumption habits of listeners. Nearly 40% of listening takes place on the move and more particularly in the car on the way to work. This medium suffered during the Covid crisis when TV and digital press audiences increased significantly.


France Inter: 12.5% ​​CA and 13.3% PDA

RTL: 11.1% AC and 12.7% PDA

NRJ: 9.2% AC and 6.2% PDA

France Info: 8.8% AC and 4.4% PDA

France Blue: 6.3% AC and 5.9% PDA

RMC: 6.1% AC and 5.4% ADP

Europe 1: 4.9% AC and 4.1% PDA

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