Taxes, Greece, babysitters: the eco recap of the day

THE ECO SCAN – Didn’t have time to look at the economic news this Thursday? Le Figaro summarizes the essential topics of the day.

• Holland promises to lower taxes in 2016

On the occasion of a trip to Isère and Savoie, the Head of State affirms that the movement to lower taxation will be continued next year. It excludes any additional tax to finance the energy transition.

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• Greece reimburses 3.4 billion to the ECB

Thanks to the release on Wednesday of a tranche of aid of 23 billion euros, Greece was able to meet a new repayment deadline. For his part, Alexis Tsipras wants to make the European Parliament a new interlocutor in its dialogue with the institutions.

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• How much does childcare cost in France?

For the second year in a row, child care costs increased by more than 3%. The sharp increase in 2015 can be explained in particular by the reform of school timetables.

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• The number of the day:. This is the amount in euros that the mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart (Les Républicains) is claiming as financial compensation in order to “compensate for the damage suffered” by the city following the influx of many migrants.

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