PlayStation 5: on second-hand sites, prices are soaring

Marketed this Thursday in Europe and already out of stock, the new Sony console is sold on LeBonCoin up to 2800 euros.

Out of stock, the PlayStation 5 marketed this Thursday in Europe is already found at exorbitant prices on second-hand sites.

The happy owners of the PlayStation 5, marketed in Europe by Sony, had to do it in advance. Available for pre-order from September 24, the console ran out of stock in just a few hours.

And the few models available this Thursday on the sites of retailers such as Micromania, Boulanger or Fnac were stormed by Internet users, to the point of saturating some of the online platforms.

It is therefore impossible to get your hands on the coveted new PlayStation, except on certain second-hand sites, but not at any price. On LeBonCoin, there is notably a model at 2800 euros in Marseille, or even at 2500 euros in Thionville, in Lorraine. A photo of the box serves as a certificate of authenticity and the console, normally sold at 499 euros or 399 euros depending on the model, will only be delivered in “clean hand”. Another is offered at the price of 2000 euros in Clermont-Ferrand, as well as in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. “Never opened” ensures yet another announcement at 1900 euros. The same is true on the Rakuten site where a PS5 is sold in a state “Like new” at 1000 euros.

An ad offers a PlayStation 5 at a price of 2800 euros Screenshot the right corner
On another announcement, the PlayStation 5 is sold in “new” condition for 2500 euros. Screenshot the right corner

For those who would prefer to acquire it at its original purchase price, it will be necessary to wait. “We are doing everything we can to increase our production capacity, but the situation will not improve until March, or even beyond.“, indicated, Wednesday, at Figaro. Enough to make the classifieds flourish at exorbitant prices.

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