Behind the scenes of the Obamas’ media empire, a couple that is worth gold

INVESTIGATION – The ex-presidential couple could eventually amass a fortune of 240 million dollars.

The small business of the Obamas really does not know the crisis. Launched on November 17 in 23 countries simultaneously, like a Hollywood blockbuster, the first volume of the memoirs of the 44e President of the United States is already a publishing phenomenon. , sold nearly 890,000 copies in the United States and Canada on the day of its release. He did better than Become, the work of the former first lady in 2018, sold “only” 724,000 copies in 24 hours… but 14 million copies overall.

Michelle and Barak? A brand that is available almost infinitely in derived products. And that pays off big. Very big. Nearly 65 million dollars thanks to the contract with the global publishing giant Penguin Random House. More than 50 million additional dollars, fruit of the deal tied via their production company Higher Ground with Netflix. To which is added another check from Spotify, estimated at around 20 million…

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