Le Foll, Germain, Vidalies… who has the best profile to replace Rebsamen at Work?

LE SCAN ECO – François Rebsamen submitted his resignation from the Ministry of Labor to François Hollande on Wednesday. If there are multiple candidates vying to replace him, which one best matches the costume? Overview of the strengths and handicaps of each applicant for the position.

Several names are circulating to succeed François Rebsamen, who arrived at the helm of the Ministry of Labor in April 2014. “This function requires being in permanent contact and in total harmony with the Elysée and Matignon”, announced the former tenant of the rue de Grenelle, Monday August 10, in . The profile sought is clear. The replacement will be appointed in view of the next presidential term in 2017. This appointment, eminently political, will have repercussions within the majority. Strengths and weaknesses of the five applicants whose names circulate for the position.


• Alain Vidalies

Organic: 64 years old, Secretary of State for Transport. Member of Parliament, he was: law on the prevention of accidents at work, law limiting the use of temporary workers and fixed-term contracts, law establishing the employee’s adviser, law on the fight against clandestine work.

Asset: A lawyer specializing in labor law, he is known and appreciated by unions and employers. Loyal to François Hollande since 2012.

Weakness: Originally an Aubrist, he is not particularly close to the president. He has already been approached since 2012, for the post of Ministry of Labor without obtaining it.

• Stephane Le Foll

Stephane Le Foll (Photo AFP) PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP

Organic: 55 years old, Minister of Agriculture. He became director of François Hollande’s cabinet when the latter was first secretary of the PS from 1997 to 2008. During the socialist presidential primary of 2011, Stéphane Le Foll was his campaign manager.

Asset: A close friend of François Hollande, he is part of his inner circle. Faithful among the faithful, he was his right arm in the PS. He is totally in tune with the president’s line and will remain loyal to him forever. Big hard worker.

Weakness: Entangled in the rancher crisis. The rumor of his exfiltration intensified as his relations with the breeders deteriorated. His departure could be interpreted as a desertion in the midst of battle.

• Jean-Marc Germain

Jean-Marc Germain (Photo AFP) JOEL SAGET/AFP

Organic: 49 years old, deputy for Hauts-de-Seine. His career is intimately linked to Martine Aubry with whom he worked a lot.

Asset: Appointing him to the government would give pledges to the left wing of the PS in the run-up to the 2017 presidential election. and solidarity, in the Jospin government. The deputy for Hauts-de-Seine is also a specialist in social issues. He was rapporteur for the law on “securing employment” in 2013.

Weakness: Rebellious, close to Martine Aubry. His arrival could be seen by business circles as a change in the president’s economic policy. He was very , which could make his cohabitation difficult with the Minister of the Economy, a crucial partner in the fight against unemployment.

• Bruno Le Roux


Organic: 50 years old, deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis and president of the PS group in the Assembly. He tabled the so-called Florange bill in the Assembly to regulate the sale of sites.

Asset: He is totally loyal to François Hollande. His arrival rue de Grenelle would free up a coveted place at the Palais Bourbon.

Weakness: He has no particular expertise in labor law. The social partners do not really know him. His record at the head of the PS group in the Assembly, where he was unable to control the slingers, is highly disputed. His exfiltration could also be seen there as a sanction in the form of promotion, as Harlem Désir had once been disembarked from the post of first secretary of the PS to land in the government.

Laurent Grandguillaume (Photo AFP) PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP

• Laurent Grandguillaume

Organic: 37 years old, deputy of the Côte-d’Or, close to François Rebsamen, he was his deputy at the town hall of Dijon.

Asset: He immediately sided with the “Dutch”, coordinating in 2012 a group of parliamentary supporters of the President of the Republic. At the time of the discussions on the Pinel bill, he had been asked to do on the very controversial reform text of the former Minister of Trade and Crafts.

Weakness: He is unknown to the battalion and does not weigh heavily politically. It would be difficult to make the weight in front of Mailly, Martinez and others.

• Christophe Siruge

Christophe Sirugue (Photo AFP) MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP

Organic: 50 years old, MP for Saône-et-Loire. He was in the Assembly for the recent bill on the reform of social dialogue carried by François Rebsamen.

Asset: Bourguignon, close to François Rebsamen, is a man of dialogue. He remains in line with the government.

Weakness: He is unknown to the battalion and the general public. Lightweight. It would also be difficult for him to make the weight in front of Mailly, Martinez and others.

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