Presidential: who will the unions vote for?

VIDEOS – While Laurent Berger (number one of the CFDT) will meet Emmanuel Macron today, Le Figaro takes stock of the preferences of union representatives in the race for the Elysée. Even if they do not officially support any candidate, they still show the color quite clearly.

“We don’t do politics, we look at the economic programs”, repeat – with a few words – the leaders of the trade union organizations for several weeks. If they do not officially give any voting instructions, certain statements leave no room for doubt. Overview.

• Pierre Gattaz (Medef): “François Fillon’s program is moving towards full employment”

Even if the president of Medef (Movement of the companies of France) “does not call to vote François Fillon”, he estimates that the program of the candidate of the line is most “pragmatic”. – last week – the boss of bosses explained: “Two programs are going in the right direction, that of François Fillon and Emmanuel Macron […] They understood that it is the company which creates wealth”, while noting that the program of François Fillon went further in the reduction of public expenditure and the expenses of the companies. According to Pierre Gattaz, the programs of Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Benoît Hamon would lead to “absolute catastrophe”.

• François Asselin (CPME): “Beware of all these economic adventures which risk sending us into the wall”

The president of the CPME (Confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises) does not wish to comment on the candidate he supports for the presidential election. “When a trade unionist starts to do politics, he stops doing trade unionism”, he explained on France News last week. “When we say that France has an abysmal debt, this problem will have to be dealt with in the medium to long term, when we say that France has a major imbalance around the public sphere compared to the market sector, this will have to be settled. problem”, however continued François Asselin. A wink supported by François Fillon’s program, which recommends a reduction in public spending of 100 billion euros over 5 years. “When we say that tomorrow we will be able to lower the retirement age, let’s not be naive, it’s almost impossible”, also added the trade unionist. A spade sent to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen, who propose to restore the legal retirement age to 60 years.

• Laurent Berger (CFDT): “Emmanuel Macron and Benoît Hamon between them represent roughly what needs to be done”

“The CFDT has no candidate, many activists are in disarray […] we will not give instructions”, explained the number of the CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labor) on April 13, on France Inter. Before adding: “The only voting instructions, whatever the configurations of the second round, is that we must beat the National Front”. Laurent Berger then declared that Europe was “the solution”, explaining that it had to be reformed. Without pronouncing officially, the trade unionist, however, believes that Emmanuel Macron and Benoît Hamon “represent about the two of them what must be done”.

• Philippe Martinez (CGT): “Hamon, Macron and Mélenchon are far from the reality of the world of work”

In January 2017, the secretary general of the CGT (General Confederation of Labour) believed that his union should “keep its distance from the candidates”. Before adding: “I have no doubt that we will call to block the National Front as in previous elections”. During this interview, Philippe Martinez also affirmed that Benoît Hamon, Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon were “all far from the reality of the world of work”. On March 24, 2017, the CGT published . “The CGT votes for social progress […] We refuse to have the choice between the worst and the least worst”, is it written. However, the CGT – which claims in particular an increase in wages, the SMIC to 1800 euros, a working time of 32 hours per week – welcomes the fact that its proposals are taken up by certain candidates. The SMIC at 1800 euros is notably defended by Nathalie Arthaud (Worker’s Struggle) while Philippe Poutou (New Anti-Capitalist Party) recommends a 32-hour week. To a lesser extent, Benoît Hamon is also in favor of a reduction in working hours.

• Jean-Claude Mailly (FO): “Macron is more Holland”

“There will be no Force Ouvrière voting instructions”, explained the number one of FO, Jean-Claude Mailly, on Public Senate in February 2017. The General Secretary of Force Ouvrière believes that to avoid the rise of “movements of rejection of the other”, it is necessary to break with the logic of austerity. The trade unionist defends in particular an economic and social reorientation of Europe with an increase in wages in all European countries. Positions quite close to those of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, one of whose slogans is “the European Union, we change it or we leave it”. Jean-Claude Mailly is also critical of universal income – Benoît Hamon’s flagship proposal – for which he is “not in favor or else we are in a utopian vision of society”. Regarding Emmanuel Macron, the leader of FO estimated at the beginning of March on RTL that his program “it’s Holland more”. Still on the subject of the program of the leader of En Marche, Jean-Claude Mailly observed: “It’s a lot of freedom on the economic level and a lot of flexibility in terms of labor law when there are already a lot of them in our country”.





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