Jeff Bezos fights for the moon

The boss of Blue Origin is ready to give 2 billion dollars to NASA.

Jeff Bezos is playing his all to be part of NASA’s new lunar adventure. In an open letter to Bill Nelson, the administrator of the American space agency, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, strikes back. “I propose restoring competition to the lunar lander program, filling NASA’s budget shortfall and producing a safe, durable lander that will get Americans back to the moon.“, he writes.

The lack of budget has, according to Jeff Bezos, led NASA to choose only one supplier, SpaceX, instead of two, as initially planned. Blue Origin offers to sign a check for 2 billion dollars to NASA so that it retains it as a second supplier, within the framework of the Artemis missions. The first manned flight, which will mark the return of the United States to the Moon since the end of the Apollo program in 1972, is scheduled for 2024.

Far behind SpaceX

In summary, Bezos lost the competition. He does not accept it. And decides to buy his ticket…

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