35 hours, taxes, gas: the eco recap of the day

LE SCAN ECO – You haven’t had time to look at this Friday’s economic news? Le Figaro summarizes the essential topics of the day.

• The French would be ready to give up the 35 hours

According to a survey conducted for the daily The echoessympathizers on the right as on the left would accept a modification of the legal working hours.

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• Tax cuts benefited over 9 million households in 2015

The boosts announced last year ultimately relieved 9.45 million households. More than 2 million taxpayers have seen tax reductions of more than 400 euros.

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• Gas prices will fall in early October

According to our exclusive information, regulated gas prices will fall back at the beginning of the fall. The reduction applied by Engie (formerly GDF-Suez) will be close to 1.5%. About seven million consumers are affected.

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And as a bonus

• :The scam of announcements of Valls to farmers or why the three billion euros of investment in one year promised by the Prime Minister to farmers would be a very greatly exaggerated amount.

• :The “Airbnb” of the restoration worry the sector. The profession accuses collaborative sites of having encouraged the development of “clandestine” restaurants.

• :The longest bridge in France celebrates its fortieth anniversary. Inaugurated in 1975, the Saint-Nazaire bridge extends over more than 3 kilometres.

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