A MasterCard computer failure causes certain charges to customers to be duplicated

The company indicates that it is already carrying out reimbursements of the amounts unduly charged.

This week, many users of MasterCard payment cards have found an unpleasant surprise in their bank accounts. Payments made in certain shops have been duplicated due to a computer error.

The phenomenon would have been concentrated on April 25 and 26. That is, on Sunday and Monday. Has been Carrefour, through its Twitter account, the company that has sounded the alarm after several clients reported encountering several duplicate charges from their establishments.

“We inform that due to a technical problem detected with MasterCard, some of our clients have been generated a double charge in your purchases made on April 24 and 25 in any of our establishments”, indicates the account @carrefourresponde, in response to a customer complaint.



MasterCard sources consulted by Invertia admit the existence of this problem. “Some of our clients have seen their payments double in a very limited number of operations“, they acknowledge.

However, from the company they also specify that they are getting down to work to address the problem. “At this time refunds of the amounts collected are being carried out and in the next few days customers will have them in their accounts”.

From MasterCard they report that those affected “They don’t have to do anything. The refund will be automatic“.

“We are sorry for the inconveniences that we may have caused our clients,” says the multinational.