ACS tries to get positive in the year with the boost of a contract in Australia

  • ACS shares rise 2.4% at the close
  • The company will rehabilitate a hospital in Australia for 259 million

In a day in which the Ibex has managed to extend Friday’s comeback, the shares of ACS an advance of 2.4% is recorded and they are heading to erase their negative balance in the year.

Specifically, their titles have risen to 33.79 euros, above the 33,24 euros to which it closed on January 2, the first session of the year, although still below the 33.84 euros at the end of 2018. ACS reached a maximum this year of 40.93 euros on April 30, but since then it has been running out of steam to current levels.

Last Friday it was learned that the construction company, through its subsidiaries etching Y CPB Contractors, will rehabilitate and expand a hospital in the Australian city of Campbelltown, on the outskirts of Sydney, which will mean revenues of around 259.3 million euros at current exchange rates.

The New South Wales Government is financing the project and the works, which have already started and they are expected to be completed by mid-2023. The Phase 2 rehabilitation of Campbelltown Hospital includes the expansion of clinical, emergency and support services, as well as the psychiatric and pediatric facilities and the reform of the delivery and maternity rooms, among other actions.