ACS will hold its shareholders’ meeting on May 8 electronically

It maintains the announced dividend distribution proposal.

ACS will hold of telematic way its general meeting of shareholders, convened for next May 8, according to the construction, services and concessions company.

The group that presides Florentino Perez It had already foreseen this possibility when at the beginning of last April it convened its annual assembly in anticipation of further extensions of the state of alarm.

Now, whenever the state of alarm decreed in the country on March 14 to combat the coronavirus pandemic has been extended for the third time until May 10, ACS has announced that its meeting will be held “with exclusively telematic attendance of the shareholders and the representatives of the shareholders” .

ACS already established in April, for the case of the telematic celebration, that, if this occurs, the president “will only invite or authorize the attendance of the essential internal and external collaborating personnel to make the holding of the meeting possible”, scheduled in the registered office of the company.

Order of the day

As for the rest of the members of the board of directors, the group indicated that they will be able to ‘attend’ the meeting by audio or video conference.

Regarding the agenda of the assembly, ACS maintains the proposal of dividend distribution announced and through the ‘scrip dividend’ system that they have been following in recent years.

Likewise, the company will submit for approval the re-election of two proprietary directors, Javier Echenique and Mariano Hernández, and the new board remuneration system for the 2021-2023 triennium.