ACS will remodel the Chamartín station for 107 million

  • It will restructure tracks and platforms and will enable a new underground hall
  • The works will be completed within four years

ACS, in consortium with Azvi, a works contract has been awarded of remodeling the Madrid Chamartín train station valued at 107.3 million euros, according to Adif.

The project involves restructure the tracks and platforms of the station that are not intended for AVE trains, in addition to recovering its old underground hall for the Cercanías service and improving its connection with the Madrid metro.

This performance, which is part of the Madrid Commuter Plan, will increase the capacity and reliability of the infrastructures, will allow to increase the speed of movement of the trains as they pass through the station and will adapt it to the foreseeable increase in passengers.

According to Adif, about 700 trains and 120,000 daily passengers They will benefit from this remodeling, the execution of which will take about four years (50 months).

The managing company of the railway network explained that currently they pass through Chamartín all the Cercanías lines, except the C-5 and C-9, and that the current configuration of the station’s tracks is no longer useful to manage the entry and exit of trains, causing interference between them and reductions speed.

All this, according to Adif, generates a “Negative perception of the service” by Cercanías travelers.