Air Europa prepares a plan of labor cuts to save costs and smooth the purchase from Iberia

In 14 days, Globalia’s air division will meet with the unions to announce the measures it will implement.

Two weeks. That is the deadline that Air Europa has set itself to study what cuts it will apply to its workforce in order to become viable after the rescue of 475 million euros approved by the Council of Ministers. Measures that, in addition, will allow you to facilitate its sale to Iberia.

“In two weeks they will summon us to transfer the cuts that will be applied”, They point to Invertia from the Air Europa union section of Sitcpla (which represents the cabin crew). The union points out that “in principle, it will be wage cuts and to increase productivity.”

Although layoffs are not ruled out, the union group believes that they will take advantage of the fact that 680 TCP of the 1,900 that Air Europa has are hired part-time and their working day is concentrated in only nine months. The other three months, considered inactivity, are the ones that he will take advantage of to “get rid of them until February.”

An Air Europa plane towed down the runway at terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas Airport.

An Air Europa plane towed down the runway at terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Date it will be seen whether the purchase by Iberia materializes or not. Hence, the company weighs two plans for cuts: one in which the purchase operation by IAG is expected to become a reality and the other in which the company continues its solo activity, according to sources close to the company.

Agreement with pilots

On the other hand, the Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla), which has also been summoned by Air Europa management to the meeting in two weeks, hopes that the company will not breach the agreement recently signed between both parties. “It was signed with the idea of ​​agreeing on the cutting measures to be adopted”, they point from the union.

It should be remembered that Sepla and Air Europa reached an agreement on the ERTE due to force majeure affecting 650 pilots. The approval of the rescue plan by the Government accelerated the talks between both parties until an agreement was reached on how to apply the ERTE due to force majeure, currently in force until January 31, pending the final decision on a possible extension.

The agreement seeks a more equitable distribution of Air Europa flights among the entire workforce. Thus, from now on a minimum of ERTE (working days) disaffection of 10 days a month is guaranteed, thus guaranteeing a minimum income for many pilots who have not flown since March and charging only the SEPE benefit, which in many cases have taken months to arrive.

From there, the termination of the ERTE is distributed proportionally to the activity carried out by the company. Thus, the more production the company makes, the more days of disengagement will be applied to the entire workforce.

From Sepla they are aware that it comes “The time of dialogue and of facing our future hand in hand. Only in this way will we be able to overcome this crisis ”, they point out.


Of the rescue of Air Europa of 475 million euros there are still many details to be known, although little by little some are being revealed that also affect the purchase transaction by IAG. Thus, the president of the Sepi, Bartolomé Lora, assured that the financing has not been approved taking into account said purchase, although if it occurs there is an adjustment mechanism.

And, apparently, the division of the Globalia group has been divided into three: Air Europa, Air Europa Holding and Air Europa Express. Each one will have a five-member board of directors, of which the owner will propose three representatives and the Sepi two.

The 475 million euros are channeled with a loan equity loan of 240 million euros and an ordinary loan of 235 million euros. Globalia’s airline division will have six years to repay all the loans it receives.