AliExpress promotes the sale of construction material at the end of the total economic break

Andimac has reached an agreement with the e-commerce platform to boost online sales of specialized stores.

Workers in a construction, in a file image.

In the week in which most of the construction starts rolling again after the total stoppage of the economy decreed by the Government during the last fifteen days, the bosses of the reform, Andimachas announced an agreement with AliExpress to boost sales online from stores specializing in building materials.

In practice, the marketplace will not charge its local sellers product sales commissions for two months from April 18, thereby giving a boost to a sector that only makes between 3 and 5% of its digital sales.

Andimac wants to take advantage of the crisis to come out stronger and give local stores the opportunity to take the necessary digital leap. “The growing competition forces local businesses to venture into the large electronic commerce platforms, which to date has been a pending issue,” they acknowledge.

“The current health crisis is showing that companies in the sector cannot depend exclusively on their physical sales,” they add. The agreement will help companies in the sector to improve their productivity and become familiar with useful tools to take advantage of the growth potential that awaits their businesses.

The sector anticipates that with the activity paralyzed for two months – as it seems to happen – there would be losses close to 3,000 million euros in the field of reform and rehabilitation.

Back to work

Andimac is the National Association of Distributors of Ceramics and Construction Materials, a business organization that represents trade and industries specialized in solutions for maintenance, equipment, construction and reform. It defends the interests of more than a thousand companies.

The construction sector, which employs 1.27 million workers, reactivates its activity this Monday. However, the Renovation works in existing buildings are still suspended to avoid the risk of contagion of Covid-19.

On the return to work, the sector will have a action guide and procedures to follow agreed between the employers and the trade unions based on the Health recommendations and in order to guarantee prevention and safety against the virus.

In the guide, agreed between the construction federations of UGT and CC.OO and the bosses CNC and Seopan, it is determined that the activities of the branch are considered as jobs with low exposure to contagion.

Specifically, the guide includes the general recommendations issued by Health, both those referring to workers with symptoms and vulnerable, as well as those related to the hygiene of the employee and the workplace, but also details specific guidelines for the particularities of construction sites .