Atrys Health acquires the Swiss Radio-Onkologie Amsler in full takeover bid for Aspy

The Spanish medical services company hopes to be able to close the operation “in the coming weeks”.

A medical team examines x-rays.

Atrys Health closes another acquisition in full takeover bid for control of Aspy Global. BME Growth’s listed medical services company has announced the purchase of the Swiss Radio-Onkologie Amsler to reinforce its weight in the high-precision radiotherapy segment in the European market.

This acquisition represents a further step in Atrys’ strategy of “creating a reference network of high-precision radiotherapy centers at a European level”, according to the company in a statement. In addition, it reiterates the listed company’s commitment to continue growing through acquisitions of third-party companies.

The management team of Atrys Health defended the takeover bid for Aspy Global a few weeks ago precisely as a way to get more cash flow with which to fuel its inorganic growth. At the moment, the operation on the occupational risk prevention company is pending definitive formulation and the support of some of its large shareholders. Especially, from the owners of the Mayoral textile.

As regards the acquisition of Radio-Onkologie Amsler, the Spanish indicates that the acquisition is “subject to the usual procedures and approvals”. However, it anticipates that “will be closed in the next few weeks”.

The Swiss company was founded in 2003 by Dr. Amsler, its current CEO. Currently, it is the main private radiotherapy operator in the area of Basel. Its catalog of services includes radiotherapy treatments for oncological pathologies and performs more than 800 patient treatments per year.


Throughout the 2020 financial year, the company recorded a turnover of 6.3 million Swiss francs, about 5.7 million euros at foreign exchange. In addition, the Swiss company does not have financial debt. Thanks to its contribution, Atrys expects to bill more than 25 million euros in 2021.

In this purchase, the Spanish listed company has had the advice of the investment banking team of Degroof Petercam and with EY Switzerland in legal and tax matters. For its part, Radio-Onkologie Amsler has had Affentranger Associates and CMS von Erlach Poncet as advisors.