BBVA lowers the ERE to 3,448 employees and will place 350 in remote management positions

The bank reduces the initial impact of the adjustment and offers remuneration for transfers from 150 kilometers.

Onur Genç, CEO of BBVA.

BBVA has lowered the number of employees affected by the Employment Regulation File (ERE) that will launch in the coming weeks after deciding to transfer 350 workers to remote management positions, as Invertia has learned.

A) Yes, the impact of the ERE would be reduced to 3,448 affected, compared to the 3,798 that the entity proposed at the beginning of the negotiations, according to what the bank has transferred to the representatives of the workers in the third meeting held to reach an agreement on the adjustment of employment.

To carry out the transfers, the bank has proposed unpaid geographical mobility up to 150 kilometers and paid from 150 with a supplement of 3,000 euros per year for a period of three years. The entity has not detailed more economic conditions, as this newspaper has learned.

remote postures

This change in the affectation of the ERE comes after, as reported by Invertia, the unions agreed to carry out mobilizations from next May 10 by not agreeing with the proposals of the entity and in a climate in which the positions between both parts are still very far apart.

The news this Thursday, however, the workers’ representatives remain unconvinced, who propose that the exits be voluntary and through early retirement, as well as that they take place from next January 1. They flatly reject the proposal for geographical mobility, as well as its economic conditions.