Beyond Supersol: the Lithuanian CEO who mediated the sale to Carrefour keeps the real estate business

Vygintas Šapokas is sole administrator of three other real estate companies that are related to the supermarket chain.

Supersol accelerates its renovation plan and clears sales rumors

In 2021 Supersol is expected to disintegrate and disappear after the sale of its 172 supermarkets to Carrefour and selling your business from cash & carry Cashdiplo to three partners of the company. However, for some company executives, such as the current CEO, Vygintas Šapokas, it will only be the end of his career in the world of distribution.

Vygintas Šapokas, who mediated these purchases and congratulated the three Supersol partners who took over Cashdiplo, is the sole administrator of three other companies that are related to Supersol and they are dedicated to renting real estate on their own account.

These are the companies Carson Assets, Casper Property and Samara Gestión. These three companies, since January 1, 2018 are taxed under the consolidated corporate tax return system together with Superdistribución Ceuta, Cashdiplo and Supersol Spain, the latter having the status of a company representing the tax group, according to the Mercantile Registry.

Vygintas Šapokas, CEO de Supersol.

Vygintas Šapokas, CEO de Supersol.

Regardless of Supersol, it is also CEO and sole administrator of the Kevekmas company, company incorporated in the month of January 2020 that is dedicated to hotel operations of all kinds, restaurants, cafeterias, bars, kiosks and similar establishments, directly or through administrative concession or lease.


Vygintas Šapokas has been directing Supersol for two years. This manager previously managed the Maxima chain in Estonia. It should be remembered that Dalius Misiunas, at the head of the Maxima Group He bought the Cash Diplo and Supersol companies in 2012 and was the one who put Šapokas at the helm of the Spanish company after his hasty departure.

The red numbers and the difficult situation of Supersol also accelerated the sales operations. At the end of the financial year 2019, it registered its worst figure. Supersol doubled its red numbers by losing 32.8 million euros, according to data recently deposited in the Mercantile Registry.

But if we look back, we can say that it was coming. In 2018, it reaped losses of more than 15 million euros. A figure much higher than that of 2017 when it managed to reduce the red numbers to 1.31 million euros (the lowest figure in recent years).

Their sales have also fallen. Supersol ended the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2019 with a turnover of 477 million euros, 2.8% less than in 2018, when it reached 490.5 million euros (2.9% more than in 2017).

This economic situation led to a collective dismissal in May 2019 that affected 294 jobs and led to the closure of 18 stores and 12 fishmongers. And for now, Carrefour has guaranteed Supersol jobs with the purchase, although there is fear among the workforce that there will be layoffs due to the duplication of stores with Carrefour.

For its part, about the Cashdiplo operation it is only known that the shares were sold to three partners of the company and that the sale will be completed in February 2021.