CaixaBank unions send a letter to political parties for the “abusive” ERE

They criticize the bank for “excuses about age or generational balance that only seek to hide that what prevails is greed.”

This is what the new CaixaBank looks like in the old Bankia headquarters in Madrid and Valencia

All the unions present at the negotiating table of the Record of employment regulation (ERE) that CaixaBank is going to launch in the coming months have addressed a letter to the political parties in Congress in protest at the employment adjustment, which will affect 7,791 workers and which they consider “absolutely abusive”.

One of the conditions that CaixaBank set from the beginning of the negotiation is that half of the affected employees had to be under 50 years of age, something that it attributed to the need for a “generational balance”.

For the unions, however, this initiative translates into “excuses” that “only seek to hide that what prevails is greed and that the cost of firing people over 50 is higher“. In addition, they criticize that “their intentions to cut the salaries of the staff in various ways were added to that.”

salary increases

“As a picture is worth a thousand words, we must point out that the need to include dozens of people in the ERE has its origin in the president’s salary increase (His salary has tripled.) That, without counting the salary increases of other managers, ”the unions point out in their letter.

They also recall that the “imposition, not negotiation” of this adjustment is possible given that the bank does not need an agreement with the unions to launch the ERE and that “the control that the labor inspection can exercise was seriously affected by the labor reform of 2012“. “This labor reform remains in force as long as there is no real will to repeal it,” they add.

The workers’ representatives ultimately ask the political groups in Congress to “become actively involved to stop this savage and unjustified process and do not allow them to be made accomplices of it”, because they consider that “They cannot remain oblivious to this situation”.

The letter has been sent to the parliamentary groups Socialist, Popular, VOX, United We Can-En Comú Podem-Galicia in Common, Republican, Plural, Citizens, Basque (EAJ-PNV), Euskal Herria Bildu and Mixed.