Capital Energy signs a pre-agreement with Alcoa for the supply of wind energy by 2024

It thus joins the Greenalia plan that has reached the same agreement with Alcoa for its factory in San Cibrao (Cervo, Lugo).

Capital Energy closes a 'mega-agreement' with GE for 1,000 MW in wind turbines

Capital Energy, a Spanish renewable company, has just taken a new step to strengthen its commitment to the socioeconomic development of Galicia. Has signed a preliminary agreement with Alcoa for the supply of 100% clean energy, from 2024, to the aluminum plant that this company has in the Lugo municipality of San Cibrao.

The company has been developing wind infrastructure in Galicia since 2009. Under the terms of the pre-agreement signed between Capital Energy and Alcoa, the energy company would commit to Alcoa by annual supply, at a previously established stable rate and during an initial period of 10 years, of 876,000 megawatt hours (MWh) per year.

It is the equivalent of a base load power of 100 MW, a quarter of the electricity consumption associated with aluminum production in San Cibrao Capital Energy would assume this commitment thanks to the entry into operation of a total of 11 wind installations which is currently developing in Galicia and which has an installed capacity of 573 MW.

All these projects, which already have the granted network access permit, have been admitted for processing, and five of them, representing more than half of said power (295 MW), have already been released to public information. Juan Jose Sanchez, CEO of Capital Energy, “through this principle of agreement for the supply of renewable energy to a client as relevant to the Galician industrial fabric as Alcoa, we ratify our commitment not only to the energy transition but also to environmental and socioeconomic well-being from Galicia”.

And he added that “it is a community to which we feel very attached and in which we have already invested, only in activities related to the processing of our parks, 14.9 million euros.”

Committed to Galicia

Capital Energy has an office in Santiago de Compostela where 13 employees work -all of them neighbors of the municipalities where the company promotes its facilities- and which has the capacity to triple the workforce as the processing of renewable projects progresses. Is developing.

This team has recently been joined by interns from the University of Santiago (USC), who complement their academic training in the company after the agreement signed with the aforementioned academic institution. 39 wind farms in this autonomous community, distributed in the four provinces and that add up a joint power that exceeds the 1.000 MW. Its development would imply a global investment of around 1,200 million euros and it would allow Capital Energy to generate a significant pull effect.

And it is that the construction of all this renewable capacity would suppose the creation of almost 4,500 jobs in rural settings, a contribution to GDP close to 350 million euros and a fiscal impact of more than 30 million euros.In the operation and maintenance phase, the company would provide permanent and quality employment to some 170 Galician professionals. Its facilities would contribute to GDP more than 12.5 million euros per year and would generate an annual fiscal impact on local coffers greater than the 3.7 million euros.Capital Energy wants to accompany the development of all these renewable energy projects in Galicia with the launch of social and environmental action programs adapted to local needs, to maximize its contribution to the socioeconomic progress of all the territories in which it operates. , the company has just signed its first Territories Project with the Community of Neighborhood Mountains in Common Hand (CMVMC) of Fontemourente, an agreement whose main objective is to improve the social and economic well-being of all the residents of that village. It is located in the Coruña council of Mazaricos, to which it will apply a discount on your electricity bill of up to 300 euros per year After the launch of the Banzas park -located in the towns of Outes, Negreira and Mazaricos-, the company has also promoted several initiatives with social entities in Galicia focused, fundamentally, on supporting disadvantaged groups. On the one hand, the signing of a framework agreement with the Association of People with Disabilities of the Region of Muros (Adisbismur) in order to promote projects that favor employment, social welfare and the integration of people with disabilities in the region.

On the other, the donation of material, furniture and economic funds to the A Barcala Foundation for the Mentally Handicapped, belonging to the councils of Negreira and A Baña and of which both municipalities are patrons.