CCOO and UGT call an indefinite strike at Dentix until the company pays the payroll

The company owes the staff six months.

A Dentix clinic.

The Federation of Health and Socio-Sanitary Sectors of CCOO (FSS-CCOO) and the Federation of Employees and Employees of the Public Services (FeSP) of UGT have convened an indefinite strike at Dentix, as of February 10, until the payroll is paid to the workers who continue to carry out their work in this entity.

After the “umpteenth breach” by the company of what was agreed with the legal representation of the workers, the unions with representation in the company have decided to adopt this “pressure measure” until the situation in which the staff of Dentix. And it is that, already “the company owes the workforce for six months”Since the beginning of last year.

The advent of the investment fund Advent in the conflict, seeking to acquire 76 Dentix clinics, was “a sprout of hope”, although CCOO and UGT have regretted that the aforementioned fund seems to be “more interested” in taking over the “wreckage at a more than affordable price ”, than in maintaining the jobs or assuming its commitment to pay the payroll from November 20, 2020.

On January 19, CCOO and UGT signed an employment regulation file agreement thanks to which at least 812 jobs have been safeguarded. Throughout this negotiation, both the Bankruptcy Administration and the Advent fund undertook to pay the salaries of the workers as consideration for their work.

But nevertheless, this commitment has been breachedTherefore, the workers of the company have decided to present to the labor authority the appropriate documentation to start an indefinite period of strike from next February 10.