Cinesa reinvents itself: cinemas for private meetings, asking for marriage or playing Fortnite

The company reconverts its rooms to offer other more private experiences to the public in the midst of a pandemic.

A cinema of the Cinesa group.

Several months unopened and as many with movie theaters at 50% depending on restrictions of each autonomous community, some even without bar service. And worst of all: Most World Film Releases Canceled. This is the situation that Covid has caused in companies like Cinesa, which has 42 cinemas in Spain with more than 500 theaters. Far from resigning itself, the company has reinvented itself to continue attracting audiences.

How? Well, in the most innovative ways. On the cinematographic level, it has added the programming of Marvel thematic cycles, musicals, Harry Potter, Spanish comedy, children or terror. “We do not even intend to do the budgeted numbers with old films, but we want to expand the range of possibilities for people to come to the cinema,” explains Toni Illa, commercial director of Cinesa, to Invertia.

Although perhaps the most innovative is in the reserved packs offered through its Business division. Through these, they give the possibility of close a movie theater exclusively. “The price includes entry for a group of 20 people maximum to see any film in the catalog,” he details.

Toni Illa, Commercial Director of China.

Toni Illa, Commercial Director of China.

And who says to watch a movie says rent the room for a proposal, for the viewing of a wedding video or for a birthday. Three examples that Cinesa’s commercial director tells Invertia. Even Cinesa has a pack for players of gaming. “We give the possibility of reserving the room to come with the PlayStation and to be able to play Fortnite, FIFA or whatever you want on a 250 square meter screen ”, he says.

Both the reserved package and the gaming have a price of 250 euros and entitles the viewing of movies, three hours of gaming and includes a menu to choose between two from Monday to Thursday for a maximum of 20 people.

‘Ecommerce’ and companies

In addition, Cinesa is reformulating its proposals for business events, with face-to-face events and options in streaming, although they recognize that “it is a lazy year” in company events. Last year, companies reserved entire rooms to see the premiere of Star Wars and invite employees. “Now we tell them to buy the tickets and we extend the validity in time so that they come when they can,” says Toni Illa.

who 3

who 3

Finally, Cinesa’s great proposal has been to launch your own platform ecommerce, to purchase coupons at reduced prices. From here they offer packs duos or vouchers with five movie tickets at lower prices for both corporate and individual customers.

In addition, it has reached an agreement with RTVE so that viewers can watch the broadcast of the 2020 Junior Eurovision final on the big screen of all Cinesa cinemas this Sunday, November 29.

All this to make up a year in which the drop in sales and public “is important”, and more so when 2019 was a record year for the sector as a whole. From Cinesa they work on the 2021 budgets with 2019 as a reference. “Hopefully in January the vaccines begin to work,” wishes its commercial director.