Clerhp: “The jump to the Continuous Market is still a bit far away”

  • “Continuous hiring will give the investor more comfort”
  • Engineering plans to double sales by the end of 2020

The engineering firm Clerhp, listed on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) is about to publish the accounts for the first year of its current strategic plan. Its president, José Andrés Romero, anticipates that the numbers will be even better than expected, but acknowledges that “the leap to the Continuous Market is still somewhat far away.”

Rather than chasing a quick IPO, the Clerhp president’s goal is to move “soon” to continuous recruitment within the MAB, with the conviction that “it will give more comfort to the investor”. An investor who in his ideal profile defines as “long-term, quite aggressive and without exposing himself to madness.”

With regard to the company’s business figures, Romero points out that “in 2017 we had sales of five million and we’re talking about going 10 in 2020, which is 100% growth in less than three years”. In this sense, the manager points out that “the forecasts are maintained and we are even going to work to see if we are able to give visibility beyond to have more consolidated figures”. As a starting point, a contract portfolio of 22 million euros that “gives 100% visibility on the business plan.”