Delitbee: this is the app founded by a former Glovo employee who compares the prices of ‘delivery’ platforms

The company has 100,000 users and has achieved a financing round of 620,000 euros.

Pau Vivas, CEO of Delitbe.

Food delivery at home is a business that has been consolidated, in part, thanks to the arrival of the pandemic and its restrictions. Glovo, Uber Eats and Just Eat are some of the platforms that are available at Delitbee. A price comparer where the user gets the best option to order food at home based on shipping time, expenses and promotions.

Before recounting the details of how this comparator came about food delivery, cIt should be noted that “the application consists of helping users and restaurants save time and money,” explains Pau Vivas, founder and CEO of Delitbee, to EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia.

Vivas has been in the sector for more than seven years. He founded Rest-Eat in Valencia with the idea of ​​being able to bring home gastronomic experiences to the residents of Valencia. On his way to entrepreneurship, he ran into Glovo in 2015, where he would become city manager in Valencia to end up as head of expansion in Latin America years later.

After these experiences, Pau Vivas saw the need in the sector for a platform that encompasses the entire offer and that would give voice and the opportunity to manage their own delivery to restaurants. Delitbee was born to this end in March 2020, “It was the perfect time because through delivery the restaurant sites managed to stay,” says Pau Vivas.



In addition, “we are under the protection of Lanzadera because we were lucky that the project suited him,” he stresses. It should be remembered that Lanzadera is a Juan Roig company specialized in supporting entrepreneurship.

“The market of food delivery It was one of the few markets to benefit from the pandemic. It stopped being a fashion and it became a daily habit of people“Says Vivas.

Help restaurants

Returning to the operation of Delitbee, Vivas points out that “after consulting the app, the end user gets the best option to order food at home based on delivery time, shipping costs and promotions.” This comparison can suppose a saving of between 1 and 6 euros in shipping costs and up to 50% of the total amount of the order.

So the main focus is to help the restaurant to make its own sales channel work and that it does not depend on the delivery platforms. In this way, the value proposition on which they base their business is that the restaurants that hire their services can activate levers to retain users and retain them.

Today, Delitbee is a marketplace with more than 10,000 restaurants spread throughout Spain and they already have 100,000 users. For now have achieved a financing round of 620,000 euros. Looking ahead to 2022, they hope to reach one million users and new international cities.