El Corte Inglés revolutionizes its app: raffles 1,700 prizes worth 135,000 euros

Approximately 250 prizes will be awarded each day and there will be two types, virtual gifts and physical gifts.

The English Court.

For the first time in its history, El Corte Inglés launches ‘The marks of luck’, the great draw only for users of its app, from December 16 to 23. An action with a total of 1,755 prizes worth 135,000 euros. These gifts can only be obtained through the app, as reported in a statement.

To be able to participate in the draw, the app client only has to access, through the application page, the welcome banner, which will redirect them to a microsite where the user can register with their digital account.

There will be daily draws, in such a way that approximately 250 prizes will be awarded each day. After having participated, the client will receive an email in which they will be informed of the type of prize they have won (virtual or physical).

With this action, El Corte Inglés wants to reward customers who are already users of the app and buy through it, while offering those who do not yet have it the opportunity to download it in order to enter the draw.

There will be two types of prizes, virtual gifts and physical gifts. The former will generate tickets for a certain value that can be exchanged at the brand that appears on this ticket at any El Corte Inglés center, on the website or through the app.

The seconds, that is, the physical prizes, there will be around 215 gifts of various brands who have wanted to participate in this great draw, with approximate prices of about 300 euros each. Electric scooters, treadmills, electric bicycles, toning belts, watches, towel sets and many more gifts, up to a total of 1,755 prizes for users of the new El Corte Inglés app.


In the new El Corte Inglés app, customers will find all the offers and promotions and its flat rate, “El Corte Inglés Plus”. With it, the customer will have free shipping on all their orders, also in 2 hours or in the chosen time slot for only 19.90 euros per year, the first 30 days are free.

All sales areas with highly recognized prestigious firms participate in this great raffle for “The Brands of Luck”. More than 19 perfume brands, including L’Oréal Luxe, Rituals and Clarins, some 23 accessory brands, such as Georges Rech, DKNY, Ray Ban, Scalpers, 13 fashion brands, 12 lingerie brands, 7 sports, 20 household and tableware brands, 8 food and Gourmet brands, such as 5 Jotas, Joselito, or Navidul, large firms from all the departments of El Corte Inglés that have joined this very special draw organized by the company to the users of the app.

El Corte Inglés launched its new app last October that merges the online and offline worlds in such a way that they interpenetrate and complement each other, giving rise to new synergies that take advantage of all the advantages of each of them. The client finds in this application a personalized home that is configured according to their tastes and with completely individualized offers; and pay with the El Corte Inglés card from the application with a click or a simple scan of a QR code.

It is a living application that incorporates new features. With the new app, the customer has access to more than 300,000 products with delivery on the day, in 2 hours or whenever the user wants.

It has the possibility of making purchases hands-free, walking through the store. In other words, for the first time one of the differential services of El Corte Inglés shopping centers is integrated into the online system, the Purchase Card, which allows all the chosen products to be grouped together, making a single payment and without having to carry the bags. The user can choose between home delivery or collection at the center itself.