Endesa will supply renewable energy for five years to the Austrian timber company Kronospan

The contract also introduces the supply of renewable origin for Kronospan, a commitment to the sustainability of both companies.

Endesa closes a long-term electricity supply agreement with Kronospan for five years

Endesa has reached a long-term agreement to supply renewable energy to the multinational wood paneling company Kronospan which ensures competitive prices for the next five years.

The company highlights in a statement the importance of an agreement of these characteristics in the current context of high volatility in the wholesale electricity markets throughout Europe.

The contract also introduces the supply of renewable origin in the Kronospan energy mix, strengthening the commitment to sustainability of both companies.

The agreement, which involves the supply of 180 GWh of energy per year during the next five years, allows Kronospan to meet the objectives set in its energy strategy. It is a competitive solution that, at the same time, allows you to potentially become a electrointensive consumer, as established in RD 1106/2020.

Given the current complexity of the energy and regulatory market context, Endesa continues to work with its clients to find the solutions that best suit their needs.

This agreement highlights Endesa’s firm commitment to sustainability and its commitment to its customers to comply, in this case, with Kronospan’s decarbonization plans, by supplying part of the energy in this contract with a guarantee of renewable origin.

For Juan José Muñoz Rueda, Endesa’s B2B Client Director, “The agreement reflects our promise to customers by helping them meet their competitiveness and energy sustainability goals. In this case, we have advised Kronospan to meet its three main energy objectives: a long-term competitive energy contract, reinforcing its commitment to the environment and obtaining electro-intensive status, which will result in significant economic savings ”.

With this contract, Kronospan reinforces its relationship with Endesa, which began in 2018. In December of last year, the relationship between the two companies reached another milestone when Kronospan closed with Endesa X, Endesa’s business line that offers innovative solutions for the energy transition , the development of one of the most relevant self-consumption projects in its sector and in Spain: two photovoltaic plants with 7.45 MWp of power and 9.2 GWh of production in the Burgos and Salas production centers.