Esteve collaborates in a clinical trial to evaluate a new antiviral against Covid

Hospital del Mar is the promoter of the study in which its efficacy in patients with mild symptoms will be studied.

Esteve facilities.

Hospital del Mar, Pompeu Fabra University and Esteve are collaborating in the phase 2 clinical trial of compound E-52862 to determine its efficacy and safety in the early treatment of patients with mild symptoms of Covid-19.

The hospital center is the promoter of the study, while the pharmacist is in charge of supplying the necessary amount of this compound to carry out the clinical trial. E-52862 is an investigational drug that is not commercialized, developed by Esteve, which “acts on the Sigma-1 receptor, a unique protein, and which, based on published data, has antiviral activity in experimental studies in cells infected by the virus that causes Covid-19 ″, explained Dr. Carlos Plata-Salamán.

The phase 2 clinical trial will evaluate the antiviral effect of compound E-52862 in outpatients with mild symptoms of Covid-19, after positive confirmation of infection by a PCR test.

For this, the patients, in addition to receiving standard outpatient treatment, will be divided into two groups: one of them will be administered, for 14 days, a daily dose of E-52862, while the control group will receive placebo instead .

The SARS-CoV-2 viral load will be determined during the days of treatment, comparing both groups, to see if E-52862 reduces it. A lower viral load could prevent complications from SARS-CoV-2 infection. In addition, throughout the study, the evolution of Covid-19 symptoms and the need for hospitalization of patients will be monitored, as well as the safety of the treatment.