Facua denounces that Pedro Sánchez lies: electricity is 21% more expensive than in 2018

The consumer organization has denounced that December has been the most expensive month historically in the electricity bill, with 140.62 euros for the average user.

Holaluz, Cepsa and Feníe are the most expensive electricity companies according to the latest Facua study

Facua-Consumers in Action has censured that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has not fulfilled the promise to pay for electricity the same as in 2018 and ensures that the average user’s bill in 2021 has been 21% more expensive than in 2018.

According to Facua’s analysis, the average user’s electricity bill in 2021 with the PVPC semi-regulated rate has been the most expensive in history and in 2021 stood at 1,116.04 euros, with an average of 93.00 euros per month.

“The monitoring of the evolution of the rates carried out by Facua shows that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has failed to fulfill his repeated promise that the annual bill would equal that of the last year that Mariano Rajoy governed,” Facua said in a statement , collected by Europa Press.

Likewise, the report reveals that the 2021 invoice has been 20.5% more expensive than in 2018, cwith a difference of 190 euros. “That year it amounted to 926.16 euros, which was an average of 77.18 euros per month. The average user Facua model, the result of the analysis of tens of thousands of invoices for inhabited dwellings, is a family that consumes 366 kWh per month and has 4.4 kW of contracted power ”.

In this sense, December has been the most expensive month in history, reaching 140.62 euros, 20 euros above October, which until now had the record.


In the same way, Facua criticizes that the Government has “bowed to the interests of the energy oligopoly, and continues without undertaking new measures to reduce electricity rates once those carried out in June –lowered VAT– and September have proved clearly insufficient. –drop in regulated charges and the special tax on electricity– “.

Therefore, the association demands from the Executive to impose for at least six months a minimum discount of 50% on the electricity bill subject to the semi-regulated PVPC rate of the vast majority of families, excluding only those with the highest incomes.