Health professionals see an American-style vaccination possible in stadiums and large public venues

The Monumental de River Plate is another of the great sports stadiums assigned to vaccinate against Covid-19.

Yankee Stadium, the iconic field of the New York baseball club, or the Monumental, the venue where River Plate regularly plays in Buenos Aires, have become mass vaccination centers against Covid-19. A striking image that in Spain could be seen, not for a long time, with the Santiago Bernabéu or the Camp Nou. And it seems that mass immunization in Spain is not ruled out. This is what the groups of health professionals believe, who see a “possible” American vaccination in Spain.

An option that shuffles the General Council of Physicians and Nursing as long as “there are enough doses”. They explain that, with a sufficient number of stocks to call for large-scale vaccination, this process would be reliable and possible in Spain.

After the proposals of several autonomous communities to vaccinate in large enclosures, the president of the General Council of Nursing, Florentino Pérez Raya, ensures that it is a “possible” project with clear planning and sufficient doses.

In other words, it is betting because, as soon as a sufficient number of antigens arrive, “it will be feasible to organize large-scale vaccination campaigns.”

In this sense, he reiterates that “the real problem” that we have now is that there are not enough doses. “Therefore, vaccines are not being able to be administered at the rate that we health workers would like,” he pointed out.

Vaccination in Andalusia

Vaccination in Andalusia

“What is required in these cases is good planning and it would not be ruled out to be able to organize it in large spaces such as tents, sports halls or stadiums, as we see in countries like the United States, Israel or the United Kingdom ”, alleges Pérez Raya.

In the end, what it is about, according to Nursing, is to make a good circuit, with well-organized lines and vaccination posts with nurses “who are the professionals who must administer the vaccine.” And, prior to the act of vaccination, there may be other professionals, administrative, technical or others, who archives patient data and the vaccine in specific registries or electronic medical records.

200 daily vaccinations per center

“In a morning or afternoon shift, a single nurse can manage in this way about 200 vaccines. So a massive vaccination is more than feasible if there are enough vaccines ”, they have pointed out.

But, although the vision of mass vaccination is possible in Spain, there are professional groups that point out that “Maybe” it would not be necessary to do it in large soccer stadiums or shopping centers. This is how he explains it Manuela García, vice president of the Colegial Medical Organization.

Speaking to Invertia, the representative of Spanish doctors is committed to removing the maximum use of public health infrastructures already created and, if it is not possible, go to those large spaces.

One of the most relevant issues for the vice president of the WTO is having enough vaccines to be able to do this massive inoculation. Which, for the moment “and with the doses we have right now”, affirms that it is not possible.

The Orcasitas Specialty Center, in Madrid.

The Orcasitas Specialty Center, in Madrid.
Javier Carbajal

Thus, Manuela García sees this ‘American-style’ vaccination in the future, when risk groups are vaccinated. Right at the moment when all the doses from the pharmaceutical companies that have not been approved but that are compromised begin to arrive, like those of Janssen or Novavax.

But, as they argue from Nursing, hands are needed to carry out this massive vaccination. For that, like the rest of the colleagues in the profession, the doctors they do not believe that professionals are needed but “coordination”.

“The staff can be restructured at a certain time and focus their efforts on that mass vaccination to optimize. What happens is that many vaccines are needed (which we do not have now) and a suitable place and a security”, Concludes the vowel of the doctors.

Pharmacies offer to vaccinate

To support this mass vaccination, pharmacies have also offered to collaborate. Sources from the General Council of Pharmacists have indicated to Invertia that “if necessary, it could be promoted that 22,000 pharmacies can also be vaccination centers, provided it is done within the framework of Public Health programs with protocols and in collaboration with the rest of health professionals and authorities, in the National Health System ”.

In addition, they have also appealed to the authorities “to use all available resources, reinforcing the teams that are currently vaccinating and increasing health professionals trained to do so, in order to achieve greater agility and speed in the campaigns of the autonomous communities ”.

A pharmacy, in Madrid.

A pharmacy, in Madrid.

In fact, there are already European countries that are counting on these professionals to support vaccination against Covid-19. It is the case of Italy. In some Italian regions, pharmacists will be allowed to vaccinate the population from the end of March.

Too France It will involve pharmacists in mass vaccination, although, at the moment, there is no protocol on how these professionals will be included in the vaccination program.

The Monumental de River Plate is another of the great sports stadiums assigned to vaccinate against Covid-19.