HM Delfos Hospital launches its new Intensive Care Unit

The adaptation of this space is part of the Master Plan of the hospital to which an investment of 30 million euros has been allocated.

The new ICU of Hospital HM Delfos.

HM Delfos Hospital has launched its new Intensive Care Unit (UCI), integrated por 12 boxes individuales equipped with state-of-the-art sanitary technology. The adaptation of this space is part of the Master Plan of the hospital to which an investment of 30 million euros.

The territorial director of HM Hospitales in Catalonia, Joan Sala, assures that “the start-up of the new ICU is a fundamental piece in the transformation plan of the hospital complex. These new facilities, added to the rest of the interventions carried out, mean that HM Delfos today can attend any healthcare process no matter how complex it may be. Now we have to continue advancing in the Master Plan that we hope to conclude this year before the summer with the opening of new facilities and, above all, the new entrance to the Emergency Room ”.

This new ICU joins the new Surgical Block, the new emergencies, the latest generation laboratory and the new technological arsenal implemented, including a 160-slice CT, 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance, the latest generation PET-CT and EOS vertical resonance.

Raquel Peredo, coordinator of the HM Delfos UCI, explained that “the boxes have a Automatic door that remains hermetically closed. This reduces the transmission risk pathogens and allows to attend in contiguous areas “.

The equipment of the new ICU consists of state-of-the-art invasive and non-invasive cardiac and neurological monitoring, respirators and devices for the performance of continuous techniques of extrarenal purification, infusion pumps of latest generation drugs and articulated beds that allow sitting, with a scale and box to be able to perform conventional radiology without the need to mobilize the patient.

The facility also has a clinical information system integrated with the hospital’s information systems, which allows electronic prescription and automated data capture.

Furthermore, the design of the new HM Delfos ICU is also geared towards pediatric patient, since two of its 12 boxes are prepared to be able to adapt to minors who require special care.