HM Hospitales and Becton Dickinson join forces to evaluate hospital processes

The agreement includes two projects that aim to improve safety and efficiency in different processes, also outpatient.

The general director of Becton Dickinson Spain and Portugal, Lourdes López Jiménez, and the president of HM Hospitales, Juan Abarca Cidón.

HM Hospitales and Becton Dickinson have closed a collaboration agreement with the aim of improving Quality of care of patients by evaluating various hospital and outpatient processes.

“This strategic alliance with Becton Dickinson, one of the technology companies that is most committed to research and innovation in health, is one more step in the goal of HM Hospitales to be a little better for its patients every day. To improve there is nothing more effective than measuring, and from the hand of Becton Dickinson we want to evaluate our sanitary processes in depth. In this way, we truly place the patient at the center of our action ”, said Juan Abarca, president of HM Hospitales.

For her part, Lourdes López, general director of Becton Dickinson Spain and Portugal, indicated that with this strategic alliance with HM Hospitales, “we want to continue advancing on the path of innovation with the joint development of tailor-made solutions that contribute to improving health outcomes and quality of care for patients ”.


The HM Hospitales Research Foundation has identified various work areas aimed at improving safety and efficacy in different outpatient and hospital processes. As a result of this analysis, two projects have been implemented, which are included in this framework collaboration agreement, to which new ones will surely be added in the near future.

The first project has the objective of evaluating and optimizing the management of the peripheral vascular access through a joint study. The aim is to analyze the hospital clinical practice regarding the placement of lines for the infusion of blood or drugs with the intention of providing the maximum safety and quality of care to patients.

For this, the HM Hospitales Nursing staff will share with a group of analysts from Becton Dickinson the process of insertion, care, maintenance and removal of peripheral vascular accesses.

The other project that arises from this agreement refers to the optimization of the treatment of patients with deep vein thrombosis for the establishment of the so-called ‘HM Hospitales Thrombosis Code’.

The objective is to improve the clinical results and the quality of life of patients with this pathology and for this, the training of health professionals at HM Hospitales is essential, which will culminate in a communication campaign in order to institutionalize this term.