IDIS calls for expanding collaboration “beyond the health system”

Juan Abarca pointed out that the system has evolved and now more actors come into play, making cooperation “essential”.

A moment during the IDIálogoS event.

The IDIS held its first IDIálogoS of 2021 this Thursday, an event in which two of the principles included in the manifesto for better healthcare were analyzed: quality care and collaborative healthcare. In this sense, the president of the IDIS Foundation, Juan Abarca, has asked “Expand collaboration beyond the health system.”

And, as Abarca has pointed out, “the system has gone from being a relationship between professional and patient to a more complex relationship and in which more sectors are involved that make this collaboration essential”.

To analyze these two principles, the event included Ángel Gil de Miguel, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the Rey Juan Carlos University, and Boi Ruiz García, former Minister of Health of Catalonia and director of the Chair of Health Management and Policies of the UIC.

Gil de Miguel explained that “we must do prevention and promotion in public health if we want the increase in life expectancy to do so also accompanied by quality. It is essential to invest in public health ”.

For his part, Ruiz has pointed out that “the better health policies the less pressure we will have. We have devised a system to do more and it should be the other way around. This is what needs to be changed. You have to measure health results, health policies, etc. ”.

Likewise, both speakers have talked about public-private collaboration in the health field, referring to the proper functioning of the concerts, “a formula that has not been invented now,” Ruiz recalled. In this sense, they have agreed that the patient does not pay attention to whether the hospital is privately managed: “He seeks to be cured or alleviated his disease in the best way.”