JP Morgan will finance the new European football Super League

The controversial new competition whose creation was announced this weekend is boosting Juve and Manchester United on the stock market.

JP Morgan has declared this Monday that it will finance the new Superliga, the controversial new competition announced this weekend by twelve of the main football clubs Europeans.

A JP Morgan spokesperson said in an email of their participation in the new league that has been created as a rival to the UEFA Champions League and which includes clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United.

The controversial creation of this Super League, despite criticism, is encouraging the only two listed partners, the Juventus of Turin (+ 13%) and the Manchester United (+ 6% on Wall Street pre-open).

The presence of Real Madrid in this new competition it is also giving good news on the stock market to ACS, for the bond that both maintain when sharing as president of Florentino Pérez. The construction company rose 1.2% today.