Juan Poveda, the centennial footwear group that has reinvented itself with masks against Covid-19

The company has become one of the nine companies chosen by the Generalitat Valenciana to provide material to hospitals.

Production of certified masks at the Jpov factory *.

In 1928 Juan Poveda he wrapped the blanket over his head and bought a loom. It started to produce textiles in Petrer, a small town in the interior of Alicante, and offered it to the incipient footwear and leather goods industry in the area. Ninety-three years later, the Juan Poveda Group has become a large company with factories in Spain, China and Vietnam.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. Now just open the new Jpov * sanitary textile division, with a production of 60,000 masks daily. That is why it has become one of the nine companies chosen by the Generalitat Valenciana to provide material to hospitals, health centers, dependents and residences in the Community for the next two years.

In March, when home confinement began, the company was able to remain open as an essential service. But, in the absence of national and international orders, it began to manufacture masks with its stock. Came to use 50,000 linear meters of material. Most of them altruistically distributed.

The idea

After the first wave, the possibility of starting with the new division arose. The group used as a factory a warehouse of its headquarters in Petrer. He set up his own production line. He adapted his materials to the sanitary certifications required, such as the European CE certification (standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009). And it began to manufacture and sell sanitary textile material.

Use fabric suitable for biocidal and water repellent components for normal masks, with a valve for children, with an anti-Covid component, and in three months they will launch a new product with innovative technology in this field.

The group has been chosen as a supplier to the Valencian Community for two years.

The group has been chosen as a supplier to the Valencian Community for two years.

The objective pursued, they assure from the group, is to avoid situations such as those experienced at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, when there were supply problems.

From Petrer to China

The company, according to its Director of Strategy, Juan Carlos García, has the virtue of having known how to adapt to the times. Twenty years ago the son of Juan Poveda and father of the current directors of the company, Juan y Paqui, was one of the pioneering entrepreneurs who decided to open production in China and work with the large international groups. Now his children are the promoters of the firm in other segments, with the advice from Devesa y Calvo Abogados.

“We are immersed in expanding the most committed fields of our sector today: health and environment, two areas in which we want to be a reference. This requires great involvement and awareness on the part of our R&D team. Developing and projecting Jpov * in times of pandemic has been a real challenge in times, but a great satisfaction for the social and clinical environment that we have attended ”, says García.

They say that there have been many ups and downs in the footwear components sector, but that the key is knowing how to read where the market is heading. And they did that when possibilities opened up to relocate logistics from China to Vietnam. These efforts have allowed them to maintain continuous textile production lines for 15 years with the main brands in the world.

Now, as before, the market is the one that is determining the future of the group in general and of the brand in particular. Their FFP2 masks can be purchased through their website. The group’s creative department continues to work on new color options and features to provide added value, as well as to expand the offer to the end consumer, with available packages of 10, 20, 50 and 100 units.