Large construction companies only have 10% of their works in Spain

The six large listed construction companies have reduced the weight of Spain in their total portfolio of pending projects to 10%, after their works in the domestic market fell 11% so far this year, reaching 9,081 million euros. euros at the end of last September.

The fall in investment in public works that has been registered in Spain and the internationalization strategy of construction companies are the main factors in the continuous decline in the activity of these companies in their country of origin.

In contrast, ACS, Acciona, FCC, Ferrovial, Sacyr and OHL increased their portfolio of international projects by 6% in the first nine months, totaling 74,379 million euros and thus multiplying those of the domestic market by eight.

The foreign activity cushioned the fall of the Spanish business and allowed the six largest in the industry to settle the first three quarters with a growth of 4% in their total joint portfolio of projects, which at the end of September amounted to 83,461 million euros, according to data of the companies listed by Europa Press.

ACS is the group with the least percentage of works in Spain, with 5% of the total, although it is the group with the highest volume (2,929 million euros).

On the other hand, FCC has the highest rate of projects in the domestic market, with 23% of the total, which represents 1,118 million.

Then there are Acciona, which has 21% of its works pending in Spain, and OHL, Ferrovial and Sacyr, with similar rates, between 16% and 18%.


At the international level, the group chaired by Florentino Pérez adds foreign works for 48,872 million euros, which thus make up 94% of its portfolio, after growing 10% in the year. Then comes Ferrovial, with international projects for 7,811 million, 20% more and 82% of the total.

Acciona, for its part, shot up its portfolio of works abroad by 48%, which represents 5,611 million (78% of the total), while, on the other hand, OHL reduced it by 21%, to 4,799 million (81%) , as a consequence of the restructuring that it addresses in its hiring policy.

The adaptation of its strategy also caused a decrease of 17% in the international portfolio of the company controlled by Carlos Slim between January and September, to 3,726 million, which nevertheless represents 76% of the total.

For its part, Sacyr has works abroad for 3,560 million, 83% of the total, 23% lower due to the completion of large projects such as the Panama Canal, but which still does not include recently completed works such as two Italian highways.

Highways are the main contracts achieved abroad in recent months by large construction companies, which have been made with the construction or expansion of roads in Virgina (United States), Germany, New Zealand, Colombia or Paraguay. They have also been awarded the expansion of the Dubai metro or the Denver airport, and the construction of a gas pipeline in Mexico, among other outstanding projects.