Lola Market, the ‘personal shopper’ that makes your purchase at Mercadona or Lidl without fear of Glovo

The company had to create a crisis cabinet to deal with the 400% growth during confinement.

CEO and founder Lola Market, Luis Pérez del Val.

“It was as if a tsunami passed over us.” This is how the CEO and founder of Lola Market, Luis Perez del ValHow did the arrival of Covid affect them? And that in his case, the tsunami translated into 400% growth in confinement, since people needed their personal shoppers to shop at Mercadona, Dia or Alcampo quickly and safely.

Premises with which he was born a few years ago Lola Market, a shopping service online feeding that replaces the user when making the purchase. The personal shopper is dedicated to making the purchase as if it were the customer, choosing the best products and taking it home at the exact time the user chooses.

“On your mobile you have a software humanized by a personal shopper at your disposal to make changes and replace products, take it home, tell it not to come up because you are going to store it in the trunk… It does not exist in any other platform system food delivery nor in supermarkets”, says Luis Pérez.

In addition to this, there are two other issues that make Lola Market unique: delivery in one hour or on the same day at the time you want; and a marketplace which is a multistore, in which for the purchase of the month you can choose macro and for the weekly Mercadona.

The company offers its customers the possibility of making purchases in 12 Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Bilbao. Purchase that can be made at Lidl, Mercadona, Alcampo, Makro, Carrefour, Dia, Makro, La Sirena, Super local and traditional markets.

Some of these supermarket chains have joined during the pandemic, at which point the company worked quickly to provide service. “We reconverted the company in record time since the state of alarm. We grew 400% overnight and went to the number 1 app in the Apple Store. We made an emergency cabinet. Every day we had a committee and we made decisions on the fly,” he recalls.

Nothing to do with Glovo

During the pandemic, shopping online in supermarkets skyrocketed, so much so that some platforms such as Glovo took advantage of this pull to close agreements with some strings like Dia. Something that does not concern Lola Market because for the founder they are two different concepts.

“It has nothing to do with it because Glovo positions itself as what you have lacked from the purchase and enters the yellow box. Lola Market does the entire purchase. We are talking about medium-high baskets that are six bags of the Super”, he points out, while recalling that 90% of his fleet are cars; while in Glovo they are bicycles and motorcycles. In her case, some of her workers are self-employed and others are from third-party companies hired by Lola Market.

In short, “we don’t see them as competitors because they provide a convenience service. When you open Lola Market you have in your head that you are going to make the purchase and when you open these platforms you think about ordering from a restaurant”, he says.

In fact, they recognize that there has been a clear alteration in growth in the middle basket. Before the health crisis, “we were at 80 euros and now at 90 euros. It means that people have already generalized what they buy through the internet and not so much before, “he says.

And meanwhile, in 2021, Lola Market hopes to close new deals and launch novelties on the market that it is already working on, without fear that the vaccine will change consumer habits and stop buying online. In the end, “the practical prevails” and shopping through platforms such as Lola Market are the present and future of consumption in Spain.