Loureda raises its stake in Sacyr to 8.2% and once again surpasses Moreno Carretero

  • Demetrio Carceller remains the first shareholder
  • In June Moreno Carretero was expelled from the council

José Manuel Loureda, one of the former presidents and co-founders of Sacyr, has once again increased its participation in the capital of the company, to place it at 8.236%, from the 8% it had until now.

Loureda is once again the second reference partner of Sacyr, by slightly exceeding the position of José Moreno Carretero, and despite the fact that this businessman recently raised his percentage to 8.18%.

Specifically, José Manuel Loureda, through Prilou, one of the two companies through which it participates in Sacyr, has bought a package of about 1.27 million titles from the construction company, which has raised its stake to 8.236%, as recorded in the registry of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Demetrio Carceller remains the first shareholder of Sacyr, with a 14.5% stake in the company, a percentage that adds up to its union with the Satocán group.

In addition to Carceller, Loureda and Carretero, in the capital of the construction and concessions group are also present the Fuertes food group, with 6.2%, and the president of the company, Manuel Manrique, with 1.5%.

The movements in the capital of Sacyr are registered months after last June the group’s board agreed to “separate” Moreno Carretero from his position on the board considering that he had “breached his legal and statutory duties towards the company”.

The also construction businessman attended the meeting with the intention of raising a set of proposals for change in the corporate governance of the company, including that of appoint a CEO.

However, a week before the meeting, this shareholder took Sacyr to court to challenge a change in the group’s board regulations by which, as he claimed at the time, the directors were obliged to notify the purchases and sales of company shares.

The president of the group, Manuel Manrique, after the expulsion of the shareholder from the council, told the assembly that “Sacyr has to be above everything.” “We cannot allow anything or anyone, with individual interests, to divert the group from its current dynamics of growth and progress,” he emphasized at the time.