Mahou completes its three-year sustainability plan and prepares new objectives

All the energy that the brewery consumes is 100% from renewable sources.

The Mahou San Miguel brewery closes this year its strategic sustainability plan ‘We are 2020’ started in 2018 with an investment of 40 million (more than the 30 million initially budgeted) and a battery of new commitments aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Global Compact to address the main global challenges until 2030.

“We have exceeded the figure of 30 million euros invested in the 20 projects. The 2020 objectives have been met, except for those for which we had set a longer deadline ”, details the Director of Corporate Communication, Institutional Relations and Sustainability, Patricia Leiva.

Since Mahou they have worked in the packaging issue, in the health area, making the value chain sustainable, promoting diversity in the team and labor flexibility, among other aspects.

Among other milestones, they have managed to reduce carbon emissions in transport by 13%, while all the energy consumed by Mahou San Miguel is 100% from renewable sources.

With a view to 2030, Mahou’s goals are to promote well-being, natural habitat and progress. “We are now detailing what the new commitments will be in the future”They point out from the brewery, explaining that they are “finishing defining the investment to be allocated to the new project.”


In February, Mahou announced the change of the plastic rings in its pack of beer per biodegradable cardboard in more than 12 brands and different product groups. This measure will be implemented, for now, in twelve of the brands of the brewing group: Mahou Cinco Estrellas Sin Gluten, Mahou Cinco Estrellas Radler, Mahou Maestra Doble Hops, Mahou Maestra Dunkel, Magna de San Miguel, San Miguel Radler, Selecta de San Miguel and Alhambra Especial, among others.

The brewery will offer this alternative in food establishments throughout the country, highlighting the importance of the use of new materials for consumers and helping to raise awareness on this matter. In fact, all the packaging used will include the legend “100% biodegradable cardboard” and from sustainable forests to value these alternatives compared to other types of materials.

This maneuver results in an estimated saving of up to 90 tons per year. It is a figure that will increase since, in the future, the company will add more brands to this sustainable catalog.

Help the terraces

As a result of this commitment, Mahou has also turned to the hospitality industry. It has just made a significant investment that exceeds 20 million euros to condition the terraces of more than 65,000 clients from all over Spain.

Specifically, the brewery with this action seeks that bars and restaurants can continue their activity with the arrival of bad weather, and to help the reopening, with lower costs, of those that have currently closed their doors.

This investment is framed in the Global Hospitality Support Plan that Mahou San Miguel started in March, with the extraordinary contribution of product that represented a turnover estimated 75 million euros for establishments.