Makro clings to Christmas and the hospitality industry: rejoins 700 employees at ERTE

The wholesaler believes that contagion prevention plans can be carried out “without punishing the hospitality sector in this way.”


The address of Macro and the unions have reached an agreement today to the reinstatement of more than 700 workers who were immersed in an ERTE caused by restrictions on mobility and hospitality in the Autonomous Communities. The wholesale distribution company now puts all its hopes on Christmas and the revival of bars and restaurants.

“From Makro we foresee an increase in activity for the Christmas campaign, especially because we trust that public authorities will minimize or eliminate restrictions to our main client, the hospitality industry, during this period ”, company sources explain to Invertia.

In this way, starting tomorrow these workers will return to their work centers. It should be remembered that the stores in Pamplona, ​​Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Bormujos, Alcalá Guadaira and Puerto de Santa María were in ERTE. Also those of Asturias, Cantabria, Coruña, Murcia, Valladolid and Zaragoza.

The company considers that contagion prevention plans can be carried out “without thus punishing the hospitality sector, which has demonstrated at all times an absolute responsibility in the prevention of contagions”.

From Makro’s CCOO value positively that the squad returns to their day habitual and regain a certain normality in the company. They also warn that “this decision cannot be an excuse for irregularities in the application of the working hours established in the calendars and of course it should not be the alibi to impose changes in holidays, time extensions or any other measure that I ended up altering what was established in the time tables ”.

They depend on the hospitality industry

Makro’s business is one of the most affected due to the pandemic due to its great dependence on the hospitality industry. In fact, in an attempt to reactivate consumption, on October 3 the ‘Hospitality Day’ was celebrated and Makro celebrated by offering workers bonuses to consume in bars and restaurants.

For its part, the hospitality sector continues to demand a national aid plan. Through the Juntos con la Hostelería platform (made up of FIAB, Hostelería de España and Aecoc), it requested direct aid to the sector worth 8,500 million euros from the autonomous communities and the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto.

But nevertheless, the Government has two Councils of Ministers delaying the approval of said plan due to discrepancies between the Ministries of Economy and Finance. Despite this, they assure that before the end of the year it will be presented.