Mercadona will allocate more than 140 million to reduce plastic in packaging and waste

The plan will be developed over the next five years and is part of its Strategy 6.25

New efficient Mercadona supermarket in Fuenlabrada in a file image.

Mercadona, within its commitment to ‘Say Yes to Caring More for the Planet’, plans to invest more than 140 million euros in the next five years to reduce plastic through Strategy 6.25.

Strategy 6.25, which has the triple objective by 2025 to reduce by 25% plastic, make all packaging recyclable and recycle all plastic waste, is being carried out through six actions that involve changes in different company processes, from defining the packaging of the future, to coordinating with suppliers, adapting stores, waste management, logistics , etc.

In the last two months, Mercadona has adapted 72 chain stores to transform them into 6.25 Stores, in which progress of the strategy can already be observed and whose objective is to listen to the opinion of clients and workers regarding all the actions that the company is developing in the context of Strategy 6.25.

Members of the Mercadona Strategy 6 25 work team

Members of the Mercadona Strategy 6 25 work team
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In fact, during this time more than 1,300 suggestions and opinions have been received, both from clients and from workers who are helping to improve the various actions that Mercadona is implementing.

The 6.25 stores are distributed throughout all the Spanish provinces and in the city of Matosinhos, Porto District, Portugal, and this store model will be extrapolated throughout the chain over the next year. In the Valencian Community there are 8 supermarkets transformed into 6.25 Shops.

Eliminate plastic bags

The first and second of the actions of this strategy focus on the fact that throughout 2020 Mercadona eliminate single-use plastic bags in all sections, as well as single-use plastic disposables.

The third action, to be carried out until 2025, represents the company’s commitment to reduce the use of plastic in its packaging by 25% eliminating the one that does not add value, replacing it with other materials and incorporating recycled plastic. In addition, the fourth measure is the company’s commitment to make all its plastic packaging recyclable by 2025.

The fifth action of Strategy 6.25 commits Mercadona to recycle 100% of plastic waste of Physical Stores, Home Service and Online. And sixthly, Mercadona will help the ‘Bosses’ – as it refers to its customers – to recycle by providing them with useful information on recycling both in the store and on the packaging, through indicative pictograms.

Employee training

To carry out this strategy, the company will train the 90,000 employees that make up Mercadona in Spain and Portugal. In addition, it has transmitted the objectives of the strategy to its suppliers, who are already working on its development together with the Purchasing and Prescription departments.

Mercadona will gradually provide information on Strategy 6.25 in the ‘Let’s take care of the Planet’ section of its corporate website, where it will also be able to find content on recycling, environmental issues and Mercadona’s sustainable events.