More than 50 Vithas R&D projects have been developed by women

Translational and clinical research studies whose results have been published in prestigious high-impact journals.

Current image of Vithas researchers and image of when they were children.

The Vithas Foundation manages a significant number of research projects, which grow every year, both with internal funding and external funding from public and private calls, whether competitive or non-competitive.

The company indicates, in a statement, that many of these projects are headed by or have the involvement of prominent women. Professionals from numerous specialties who dedicate their effort to healthcare work and research, through work of various kinds in which important advances related to specific pathologies or treatments are reflected.

Some 53 research projects developed within Vithas have been led or have had the participation of women. Translational and clinical research studies, the results of which have been published in prestigious high-impact journals, give a good example of the high quality of the scientific production that the professionals develop in the different Vithas hospitals.

Strategic axis

Pedro Rico, general director of Vithas and president of its Foundation, has underlined “the commitment of our organization with equal access and promotion of our professionals in all areas, and very particularly in translational research, which is an axis Vithas’ strategy as an essential lever for the advancement of medical science. I know that there is still a lot of scientific talent to be discovered among women and girls, so I trust that the example of our researchers will inspire and motivate them to take the leap into the exciting world of science ”.

An example is the allergist Amparo Conde, a professional at the Vithas Sevilla Hospital, who has led a multicenter randomized, double-dummy, placebo-controlled clinical trial in search of the most effective dose for the treatment of rhinitis / rhinoconjunctivitis due to allergy to grass pollen. In the same specialty, Clara Perez, from the Vithas Xanit International Hospital, directs a project on allergen immunotherapy.

Oncology is another of the specialties in which outstanding contributions are being made in research matters, such as that carried out by Ana Galeote, an oncologist at Vithas Xanit Internacional. As principal investigator, Galeote has directed an observational study focused on the evaluation of treatment strategies in clinical practice and the clinical evolution of patients with advanced ovarian cancer in Spain.

Maria Teresa Truchuelo Díez, a dermatologist at the Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria Hospital, has served as principal investigator in five observational studies focused on determining the tolerance and efficacy of various drugs and procedures used in the treatment of skin aging.

In addition, within the area of ​​gynecology, a multicenter, double-blind, double-dummy, and randomized trial on the contraceptive efficacy, tolerability and safety of a new drug has recently been initiated. Maite Izquierdo, head of the Fetal Maternal Unit of Vithas Valencia 9 de Octubre is the main researcher of this project.

The publication of articles in scientific journals national and international scope, which have increased notably over the last year, are another of the channels that have echoed the research work of doctors such as Victoria Alejandra Jiménez-García (Vithas Sevilla), Carmen Martínez (Vithas Almería), María Pilar Aparisi (Vithas Valencia October 9), Belén Moliner (Vithas NeuroRHB), Carolina Colomer (Vithas NeuroRHB), Loles Navarro (Vithas Neuro RHB), Noemí García (Vithas-UFV Foundation), Anabel Granja (Vithas Sevilla ), Ana Tauste (Vithas Almería), Noemí Burguera (Vithas Alicante), Ana Garate (Vithas Vitoria), Ane Bilbao (Vithas Vitoria), Paula Díez (Vithas Vitoria), Sara Bermúdez (Vithas Sevilla), Isabel Corrales (Vithas Valencia 9 October) and Pilar Chisbert (Vithas Foundation). Oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, dermatology, nephrology, traumatology or neurosciences are some of the specialties that have brought together the largest number of publications in recent months.