MyInvestor lowers the price of its 25 and 30-year fixed mortgage by ten basis points

The interest will be 1.59% NIR (1.78% APR), compared to 1.69% previously.

MyInvestor Headquarters.

MyInvestor, the neobank participated by Andbank Spain, El Corte Inglés Insurance Y AXA Spain, has redefined its mortgage offer by simplifying its strategy and lowering the fixed rate price to 1.59% NIR (1.78% APR) for 25 and 30 years, from the current 1.69%.

The rest of your terms Mortgage Without Backpack, which does not require contracting any product, remains the same, with an interest of 1.29% NIR (1.49% APR) up to 15 years and 1.59% NIR (1.79% APR) up to 20 years. The variable rate It also remains in Euribor plus 0.89% (variable APR 0.69%).

Likewise, MyInvestor has changed the bonus model for its mortgages. Customers who, in addition to the loan, want to contract insurance or investment products, such as funds, plans and indexed portfolios, they will receive an annual income, which they can keep in cash or invest for their future.

MyInvestor mortgages, available for new loans and subrogations, are aimed at family units with monthly income from 4,000 euros.